Now, we may name more electric supercars than 7 Seater Electric Cars, but the new influence is waning. As electric cars become mainstream, the number of multifunctional family cars will grow rapidly. This 2021 best seven-seater electric car list is controversial: on the one hand, Tesla Model X and Model S, ultra-modern electric cars, high-speed performance and luxurious image.

On the other hand, various redesigns Pickups, such as Peugeot eRifter and Vauxhall Vivaroe Life. Your choice mainly depends on your budget. As with any electric car, before buying, consider how easy it is to charge at home and whether your car’s range is suitable for your daily driving needs.

 In addition, if your electricity reasons are not entirely ethical, consider whether the operating costs to gasoline or diesel vehicles will offset the more expensive electric vehicles. High purchase price cars.

7 seater Electric Cars Overview

Tesla X, Mercedes, Mercedes-Benz EQV, Peugeot e-Rifter, Tesla Model S, Nissan e-NV200 Combi, Vauxhall Vivaro e Life.

All these cars are 7 seaters if we have to say in one word all these cars are luxurious. It would not be wrong to call them the cars of the future.

7 Seater Cars In India Under 20 Lakhs

Upcoming Electric SUVs

Triton EV Model H SUV

Tesla Model X 

7 Seater Electric cars 2021

Model X is a contrasting car. His soap styling is very smooth until you open the back door of the Falcon Wing, it lifts and lowers electrically like a concept car. It feels big and heavy until you lower your legs and speed up.

Then a supercar. It looks very old but six years later there is nothing like this on the market. Fortunately, Model X is not a window trolley. It is very important to defeat style.

Available in five, six or seven seats and

two drive systems: long range (060 mph, 3.8 seconds, 360 miles) and grid (2.5 seconds, 340 miles).

 The maximum charging speed is 120 kilowatts, and Charging time 1 hour.

Mercedes-Benz EQV

7 seater Mercedes Bens EQV

The Mercedes V Class is an ever-evolving mobile minivan, loved by luxury hotels and spa resorts. The new EQV combines the same luxurious cab with a 201 horsepower electric motor.

And a 90 kWh battery. Of course, don’t forget BenefitinKind’s zero tax. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 12.1 seconds. Or fool around like a middle-class mother to run 213 miles.

 Either way, it takes up to 45 minutes to charge 80% at 110 kW, and it takes up to 11 hours to fully charge a 7.4 kW household wall box.

This is a Mercedes that will never have an AMG version, but you can pull the paddles to accelerate the brake regeneration and effectively turn the EQV into a single pedal to make things come alive.

Either way, stop being selfish-this car is all about the passengers. Click to open the electric sliding door, you will find seven bucket seats, and there is more space to put the SClass in the shade.

Exquisite driving experience and quiet power transmission system also help to melt mileage, and Topspec Sport Premium Plus adds air suspension and suspension system.

Peugeot e-Rifter

7 seater electric cars 2022

The minivan world is more incestuous than ancient Rome, and may not be so interesting.

On the other hand, the common blood relationship of Peugeot eRifter, Citroen eBerlingo and Vauxhall Comboe Life means more choices, especially in terms of discounts.

At the Stellantis dealer of your choice. We chose Peugeot because the prices of Citroen and Vauxhall are unclear at the time of writing.

But rest assured, after the government provides an additional £2,500 subsidy for the additional cars, the cost of these three cars will be approximately £27,000.

At this moderate price, you can get five or seven seats and enough potential luggage space to swallow a crossover powered by a 134-horsepower electric motor.

And a 50 kWh battery, which allows you to accelerate at 062 mph and run 171 miles in 11.2 seconds. 30 minutes on the roadside, for some household wall-mounted boxes-7.5 hours.

The driving experience is like a truck (very weird), so it can be distracted by standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connections.If you need more space, there is also a long wheelbase version.

Tesla Model S

Okay, we have expanded the definition of seven-seater here, but Tesla Model S is equipped with a pair of rear-facing folding seats, suitable for young children or people you don’t particularly like.

The perfect electric car of our time. The Porsche Taycan is dynamic, but nothing can compare to Tesla in terms of straight-line stability. Using the absurd power of 615 horsepower, it will reach 0 to 60 mph in 2.4 seconds.

After that, your passengers may stop. Although Tesla was launched in 2014, the eclectic style, minimalist interior and regular software updates maintain Tesla’s modern appearance.

Although buyers now pay to use the Supercharger network (if they can recharge for free, they are early adopters of the model), their speed and convenience are still unmatched.

The electric cruising range of 396 miles is even more for future plaid models, and it is also an industry leader.

Our test report pointed out: “This is still the only transcontinental electric vehicle that has been on the road without careful planning.’

Nissan e-NV200 Combi

7 seater Electric four wheeler

You will not be surprised when you learn that eNV200 Combi has no absurd modes.

In fact, the top speed is 76 miles per hour, slightly higher than the legal limit. Driving is as vague as a political press conference, and just as addictive.

For example, press conferences of politicians. In Nissan’s defense, it is affordable, especially considering discounts. It is also based on the proven Leaf principle, so reliability must be impeccable.

Is the driving comfort good, customer? Yes, of all the seven-seater electric cars shown here, this one looks the most like a taxi. When it comes to the seven-seater theme, Nissan’s two rear seats are foldable side panels installed in the trunk.

In “occasional use only”.In fact, with its moderate 40 kWh battery and 124 miles of cruising range, eNV200 surpasses the new wave of electric minivans. It is especially useful as a second-hand product purchased at a price.

Vauxhall Vivaro e Life

7 seater Ev

To suppress excitement, this is Vauxhall Vivaroe Life, also known as Citroen eSpaceTourer and Peugeot eTraveller.

Vivaro got our vote here because it has two very different device variants. This £32,495 wagon is equipped with 16-inch steel wheels, cloth seats, air conditioning, and a DAB radio with four speakers.

Upgrade to the Elite model at a price of £49,465, and get 17-inch alloy wheels, leather, satellite navigation, three-zone climate control, parking sensors, rain-sensing wipers, panoramic sunroofs, etc.

We like the back to basics option. Most Ultra Vaux seats are nine. They can be easily accessed through electric sliding doors on both sides, and despite all the seats, the trunk is still spacious.

You can also enter up to six points.

  • Isofix bracket for child car seats: enough to put together your own five crew members (including a submarine).
  • The same 134 horsepower electric motor.
  • The smaller Comboe Life’s 50 kWh battery can accelerate a barn-sized Vivaro to 100 km/h in 13.1 seconds.
  • The cruising range when fully charged is 143 miles.
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