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Fleet grows with human resources | Australias first S Poo V is launched

In order to take the recycling program to a new level, Urban Utilities launched Australia’s first S-Poo-V, a modern Kona electric car powered entirely by biogas from the Oxley processing plant in Brisbane.

Waste hits the street with Australia’s first S-Poo-V

“You may not realize it, but every time they take out the garbage, more than 330,000 people in the south and west of Brisbane refuel our garbage trucks,” said Urban Utilities spokesperson Anna Hartley.

The new car named “Number 2” is the second car to join the Urban Utilities Feed fleet.

Fast Fact about “Number 2”:

  • Australia’s first electric SUV
  • 150,000 liters of wastewater fill the vehicle-free!
  • Annual fuel savings of approximately US $1,700*
  •  Rechargeable through a 240-volt socket
  •  Range of up to 450 kilometers
  •  No emissions
  •  Based on the price of fuel consumption of approximately 15,000 kilometers per year. $1.50.

“The number 2 is not your ordinary SUV, it is a S-Poo-V with a huge poo emoji on the side, so you don’t have to wonder what power it is,” Hartley said.

“A person’s daily habits can generate enough electricity on average, and a car can travel about 450 meters.”

Hartley said that although the stylish new S-Poo-V is not to be missed, converting wastewater into electricity can save utility companies about $1.7 million in operating costs each year.

“In the past fiscal year, we produced enough electricity to supply approximately 4,000 households for a year,” he said.

“Poo Power can not only help our vehicles continue to drive, but also help us manage the two largest sewage treatment plants located in Oxley and Baggage Point. We are reducing operating costs and protecting the environment by using more sustainable energy, so this It is a win-win situation.

“This is a good example of sewage treatment plants becoming more and more resource recycling centers. We are exploring the most effective ways to convert waste into valuable resources, such as electricity.

“We recognize the value of various by-products in the wastewater treatment process, including energy, reclaimed water, nutrients, and biosolids. We are also exploring more environmentally friendly ways to treat wastewater with less chemicals and energy. In our innovation room .”

Hartley said that car Number 2 will soon be on the streets of Brisbane along with the first Australian car launched by Urban Utilities.

Hartley said: “When our team is driving Australia’s first S-Poo-V in town, please pay attention to them-if the attractive design of the car does not leak out, there will be a number 2 license plate.”

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