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Benling Aura Electric Scooters – Aura Electric Scooters, Aura electric scooters in India

Chinese electric car manufacturer Benling has launched Aura electric scooters in India to complement its electric vehicle series.

India’s auto industry must have experienced a recession, but this will never stop the electric car manufacturer’s plans. Benling India launched the new Aura electric scooter about a month ago. Then the company announced that Aura would do the same. The new Benling Aura electric scooter is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and a start button.

In the scooter announcement, it was revealed that Aura is powered by a 2500 BLDC electric motor and 72V / 12V battery. With a 40 Ah lithium-ion battery, it can travel 120 kilometers without charging.

Benling India has launched three slow-speed scooters in India: Kriti, Icon, and Falcon. Aura is a high-speed scooter.

Design and Features:

Benling Aura has a retro Vespa shape with round headlights, rear-view mirrors, a simple front apron with built-in turn signals, and flat seats.

The classic aerodynamic body design: Benling Aura electric scooter adopts a stylish and classic body design, making you feel like a simple and comfortable electric scooter. The electric scooter with round headlights looks like an old classic scooter.

Provide comfortable seat quality for the driver and front: You will get a two-stage comfortable seat to ensure comfort when driving the scooter on the road and off-road. On an electric scooter.

Expanded specifications and functions: The removable battery is fully charged within four hours on an ordinary household socket. The Aura weighs 95 kg and has a ground clearance of 165 mm, which is much better than most scooters. Practical experience in assembling high-speed and low-speed segments of electric two-wheelers in order to provide our customers with very high-quality innovations. Benling’s article emphasizes continuous research and development.

Stylish LED headlights and taillights: With daytime running lights Benling Aura has classic round headlights with fixed indicator lights to ensure excellent light quality even on completely dark roads. From classic to an old scooter.

Key Features of the Benling Aura Electric Scooters:

  • USB Port for charging Gadgets
  • Four-Speed Modes Low, Eco, Sports, and Turbo
  • anti stealing Security Alarm
  • sensible Brake down help system
  • Intelligent Digital speed indicator console
  • sensible Key with Remote controller
  • facet Stand device and Parking help Switch
  • switch begin & stop
  • sensible Parking help
  • BLDC 2500W Motor Power On Wheel
  • sixty KMPH soap Speed
  • 120KM in Single Full charge (Eco Mode)
  • Full Battery Charging time 4-Hrs

Benling Aura Specifications:

Top Speed 60 kmph
Fuel TypeElectric
Range120 km/charge
Battery TypeLithium-ion
Battery Capacity72V, 40Ah
Charging Time4- hours
Motor TypeBLDC
Motor Power2500 W
ColorsBlack, Blue, Gray

Power and Performance of Benling Aura Electric Scooters:

At the same time, the electric scooter promises to travel 60 to 70 kilometers on a single charge (the company announced that it is 120 kilometers), and the maximum speed can reach 65 kilometers per hour.

The development of electric vehicles in India will contribute to energy saving and safety, as energy efficiency is 46% higher than internal combustion engines (ICE). According to the company, one of Benling Aura’s defining characteristics is its intelligent fault assistant. (BSAS). The electric scooters are equipped with 72V/40Ah lithium batteries, which have better performance than other electric scooters in this segment.

Benling Aura is powered by a 2500W BLDC motor, which is powered by a 72V / 40Ah lithium-ion battery, which can be fully charged in about four hours.
In the event of a malfunction, BSAS can enable the scooter to restart by pressing a button and drive about 15-20 kilometers at a low speed. Aura will also be equipped with the Benling smart parking assist system, which will stop the scooter. It moves like a handbrake when activated.

Safety Features:

Electric scooters provide a variety of driver-friendly functions: both wheels of Benling Aura are equipped with disc brakes and a dedicated reverse parking assist system. The company said that Benling Aura has a smart roadside assistance system (BSAS) that can restart the scooter and enable it to move even if the system fails. The BSAS switch came to the rescue, and Aura reset and ran at a low speed of about 15-20 kilometers.

Color and Pricing:

Benling began touring in 2003 and currently ships to more than 53 countries/regions around the world. Our products are mainly sold to Europe, the Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asia. The color of this electric scooter has 3 different colors: black, blue, and gray.

As for the price of this scooter, Benling Aura offers this electric scooter for 99,000 rupees (previously a showroom in Delhi). It depends on different cities in India, so the prices of certain commodities will rise or fall. Benling has launched Aura electric scooters in India to complement

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