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Electric bike prototype with wireless Charging Technology developed

Students at KL Deemed University in Hyderabad have developed a unique electric bike with wireless charging technology.

This innovative prototype was developed by a group of like-minded students in the third and fourth years of their studies in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics at K L College of Engineering and some previous university students.

Under standard conditions, the electric bike prototype with wireless charging  developed by the KLU team

takes 5 hours to charge once, has a maximum speed of 55 km/h, and a payload of 85 to 100 km.

The combination of charging technology and programmable battery balancing function can release the full potential of the battery for long-term charging.

This electric bike has futuristic features such as battery balancing and wireless charging, which are only available in specific regions of the world.

The team developed the concept and the first prototype using free access to the university’s laboratories and testing facilities, which also have offices in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The team redesigned the existing bike and modified it into a prototype for wireless charging of electric bicycles. The team made several design changes to the bike, including integrating the BLDC (Brushless DC motor) motor into the drive module through the controller.

The university provided an Rs. 140,000 grant to the team to implement the idea of ​​the project as a start-up company

“Although all faculty and staff value the enthusiasm and hard work of these students, we reaffirmed the university’s vision of focusing on research and innovation for the benefit of students and the country for a long time,” said Koneru Satyanarayana, the principal of Kuala Lumpur. the University. …

“From the first year of operation, we have been interested in prototyping and competitions. The laboratory project of the University of Kuala Lumpur has laid a solid foundation for the work of components, measurement, machines and power electronics,” said M. Satyarda Pravashik, Bachelor of Engineering. Say. A member of the advanced electric bicycle development team.

Other team members participating in the project of Electric-bike prototype with wireless charging technology development include Charan Sai Tiruvuri, Sandeep, Kirieti Polasi, S. Lokesh Babu, V. Sai Pravin, who are all students of the B.Tech EEE 2017 course, and K. Yashwant Sai, who are B.Tech The student EEE department of the EEE 2017 course…

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