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Electric Cars Need Oil? What Fluids Used for EV Maintainance

Electric Cars Need Oil, EV Maintainance

Without a gasoline engine, an electric car does not need petroleum. This means you no longer need to change the oil. In addition, you refuse all other services and repairs related to conventional gas engines. Moving parts in internal combustion engines.

Electric cars are driven by electric motors instead of forced oil motors.

Why Don’t Electric Cars Need Oil?

Electric cars do not use petroleum-like gasoline cars. However, in electric vehicles, grease is used to lubricate engine bearings. An electric car with a gearbox needs an oil change.

Traditional gasoline vehicles need oil to lubricate a large number of moving parts in their internal combustion engines. The pistons, valves, and other moving parts of the engine must slide smoothly against each other at very high speeds, so oil must be added to the engine to lubricate these interactions with strict tolerances.

If you add oil to the engine, it will run without overheating or stopping. After a period of time, the tiny metal flakes collected from all metal-to-metal contacts in the oil must be removed. Drain the old oil and add new oil. Keep the engine running smoothly.

In the simplest case, electric cars are driven by batteries and electric motors. The engine does not have pistons, valves, or other moving parts for lubrication, so there is no need for regular oil changes in electric vehicles.

Oil change in the electric car compared to conventional vehicles

Electric cars use completely different transmissions, so you don’t have to worry about changing the oil when servicing electric cars. Traditional gasoline cars need oil to wax the moving parts of electric cars. Valves, pistons, and other moving engine components must run smoothly with each other at very high speeds.

Therefore, the engine requires oil changes to achieve tight interaction tolerances. All these metal-to-metal contacts will form metal atomic flakes in the engine oil, which requires draining the old engine oil and adding new engine oil.

This is not only to make the gasoline engine run smoothly but also to ensure the safety and durability of the engine. But, in an EV, none of this is required.

Power the electric vehicle by consuming the battery while the electric motor is running. If the pistons, valves, and other moving parts of the engine need to be lubricated, the mobile device does not need to change the oil regularly.

Electric cars use a completely different powertrain, so you don’t have to worry about regular oil changes in traditional cars. Although your electric car does not require oil, the electric car needs to test these three liquids on a regular basis.

coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washing fluid.

1. Coolant – Electric vehicles depend on coolant moving through the thermoregulation framework to keep the batteries from overheating. You need to add and supplant the coolant during the support.

Some electric cars have a special cooling system that reduces the temperature and reduces the burden on the car battery. The system ensures that the battery runs at the optimal temperature, which not only increases the battery capacity but also extends the service life. And flush with antifreeze or coolant.

Your manual will tell you how to set the maintenance schedule for the refrigerant system and which refrigerant to use. In addition, other parts that require maintenance include electric car tires and wheels, air conditioning repairs, and air filter replacement.

2. Brake Fluid –  Although the brakes of mobile devices will last a long time, you still need to check the brake fluid in the vehicle. Refueling can reduce the risk of brake failure. You should also watch out for leaks.

If adding new brake fluid does not solve the problem, please immediately send the vehicle to the EV service center to check the brake system. Then it is recommended to flush the liquid in the vehicle every three to five years.

A regenerative slowing mechanism depends on the brake liquid to work easily. Ordinarily, the brake liquid in electric vehicles ought to be supplanted in the wake of running about 40,000km(25,000miles)

3. Windshield Washing Fluid –  When your electric car dries out or every 5,000-10,000 miles traveled, it needs new windshield washer fluid.

Although most electric vehicles can use standard windshield washer fluid, depending upon the utilization of windshield washing liquid, you should top off it regularly depending on the situation.

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