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Kia Electric Cars Coming to India for 2021

Kia Electric Cars also known as Kia Motors Corporation is a South Korean automobile headquartered in Seoul. Hyundai Motor Corporation has a minority stake in this brand. Kia Celtos has launched its first SUV in the Indian market.

Kia launches Celtos in India in the SUV segment. The Kia Celtos is priced at Rs. 9.69 lakhs. Kia electric cars have 4 upcoming cars in India namely Kia celtos EV, Kia Carnival, Kia Sorento, and Kia Stinger.

• Future of Kia electric cars in India

Hyundai India is the second-largest manufacturer electric car in India.

Hyundai Creta is the best-selling car for an Indian company with an SUV worth over Rs 10 lakh.
Seeing the success of Hyundai, Kia entered the Indian market which is Hyundai’s sister brand.

Kia Celtos gave Creta tough competition and defeated the SUV in many cases. Kia Sonnet, Kia Carnival, and Kia Celtos are currently sold by the company.

Find out below about Kia electric cars coming to India for 2021.


The Kia Celtos was the first offer from Kia in India and it is still the best seller for the brand.

While the pace of the EV sector is progressing very slowly in India as compared to other developed countries. EV is the future of electric cars. Rising fuel prices and new pollution laws could lead to electrical movements.

The Tata Nexon EV is currently the cheapest EV sold in the Indian market.

The Kia Celtos EV can be priced competitively so that people will prefer larger SUVs. The Kia Celtos Electric Hyundai Kona EVS can offer 204 bhp with a 64 kWh battery pack. Electric motor or Kia K3 EV with 56.5 kW capacity battery pack.

It will deliver a range of about 450 km for a single charge on the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) test cycle.

Hyundai Creta and other cars in its segment have already received some sort of update. Hyundai Creta will soon launch its seven-seater in the Indian car market.

It can be called Hyundai Alcazar. The Kia Celtos will also be available with a 7-seater variant with more MPV components.

Find out in the story above about the upcoming Kia Celtos 7-seater.


Kia had launched the last Auto Expo at Carnival in India in February. but MPVV has already received an update in overseas markets.

The fourth-generation Kia Carnival has added a bold look to it. Coming directly to the front you will find lots of SUV styling elements present at the new Kia Carnival.

The new Kia is with Carnival Square and strong lines. The typical front grille, known as the ‘Tiger Nose’ grille, appears to be inspired by the Celtos and fits Kia’s brand image better. Sticky new headlamps and LED DRLs make for a welcoming look.

Expect a slight drop in the price of a new car. More about the upcoming Kia car in India below 2021.


The Kia Sorrento has been in Kia’s lineup since 2002 and is changing in terms of size and performance. The car has proven to be a successful product for Kia while reducing engine size due to emissions regulations.

For the year 2021, we expect the car to go to India. Sorrento India will compete with the Jeep Compass. It costs about Rs. 30 lakhs. Now, this product is not seen in India and I have no idea what it will offer but it will be similar to Jeep Compass.

The tiger-nose grille is sure to be there and will have sharp lines and creases to make it look aggressive. The most notable feature of the vehicle is the forward sloping D-pillar and flared wheel arches. Kia will try to incorporate the design language of Celtos into the Sorrento.


Kia Stinger is one of Kia’s major products in the international car market. If launched in India, it will be the company’s first sedan.

Kelly had already showcased dealers and media in India to get some insights and responses in the market. If the Kia Stinger launches in India in 2021, it will be available as a completely built-up unit. (CBU) Kia will sell a limited number of Stinger in India in 2500 units.

The 2021 Kia Stinger is available in the international market with two engine options. The small 2.0-liter engine produces 255bhp and 260Nm. The larger 3.3-liter dual-turbo V produces 36b5hp and 376Nm. We expect the small engine to be available only in India.

• Kia electric car price in India

1) Kia celtos EV

The Kia Celtos is priced at Rs. 9.95 lakhs and Rs. 17.65 lakhs. The Kia Celtos is offered in 16 variants the base model of the Celtos is the HTE G. The top variant is the Kia Celtos GTX Plus ATD which is priced at Rs. 17.65 lakhs.

2) Kia Carnival

The price of Kia Carnival starts at Rs. 24.95 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 33.95 Lakh. Kia Carnival is offered in 5 variants. the base model of Carnival is Premium. The top variant Kia Carnival Limousine which comes at a price of Rs. 33.95 Lakh.

3) Kia Storento

Its assume that Kia Storento price is up to 25 lakh in India.

4) Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger on-road price is not available right now, but its assume that Kia Stinger price is upto 50 lakh

• Shutting Thoughts

The range of Kia electric cars (EVs) varies greatly depending on key factors. Such as car weight and size, battery size, and electric motor specification.

But also things like the style of driving, the terrain, and the local atmosphere of a particular trip. With the right insight into what affects the EV range. You will be able to conserve power and increase the distance you can travel further.


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