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Launched the first long range Lightyear One solar Electric Vehicle

The latest Lightyear One Solar Electric Vehicle (SEV) prototype has recently shown great autonomy, all encapsulated in a battery of approximately 60 kWh. This full-cycle test drive on the German test track gave the Lightyear team an excellent conclusion. And check out when you look forward to the Lightyear One SEV next year.

  • Solar-powered electric car manufacturer Lightyear is testing its prototype, which can travel 710 kilometers on a single charge.
  • Lightyear will start production in the first half of 2022.
  • Lightyear also wants to enter the mass market in 2024.

Lightyear is an electric vehicle start-up company from the Netherlands that specializes in solar electric vehicles or SEVs. We have been talking about it since the founding of the automaker and watching it approach its first SEV, the Lightyear One.

In January 2020, Mikey G of Electret was able to take a closer look at the prototype of Lightyear One to see how this solar-powered electric car can provide such a long-range with a relatively small battery.

Whether you were skeptical or not, the latest light-year prototype is now only a few kilometers away from this promised milestone.

Lightyear One Specifications:

  • Cruising range: 725 km (WLTP)
  • Power consumption: 83 Wh/km (WLTP), without HVAC
  • Acceleration: 0100 km/h, less than 10 seconds
  • Dimensions (length x width x height) ): 58957 x 1426 mm

Lightyear One solar electric vehicle Focuses on positive impact :

This is a business-minded company dedicated to creating positive changes for the planet and mankind. They believe that with the right technology, anyone can achieve any growth without harming the planet. They are developing a clean and comfortable independent mobility solution that encourages you to move around without bumps.

Effortless Energy:

Uses 5 square feet of solar panels and can run for several months on a single charge. Safety glass solar cells, sturdy solar roof, and hood comply with strict automotive regulations.

The latest prototype of Lightyear One solar electric provides reliable coverage:

In a recent press release, Lightyear shared the results of its latest route test and showed off its new prototype Lightyear One, which can provide 441 miles of cruising range on a single charge.

The test was carried out at the Aldenhoven test center in Germany. The prototype machine ran a full cycle with a 60-kWh battery charge at a speed of 85 km/h.

After talking to electret, Lightyear CEO Lex Hefslot was able to describe in detail the test that lasted more than nine hours.

Hefslot tells us that the track is very flat, although at the beginning the slope is slightly inclined, the final inclination is 6772%. In general, although the test lasted nearly 10 hours, the driving time of the prototype was less than 9 hours. All this is because they have to change drivers every two hours.

The Dutch startup has previously touted the benefits of integrating solar panels into its electric cars, which can provide up to 45 miles of extra cruising range on sunny days.

We asked about 441 miles of solar power generation in Germany, and Heflsuth explained this:

“On a sunny day, 45 miles will be the extra range, in this case, it’s a slightly cloudy day, we have some nice sunshine hours, the total power of the solar panels is about 3.4 kWh, about Is 25 miles.”

Therefore, if Lightyear One can see more sunlight on that day, it is likely to travel 450 miles at full speed from the solar panels.

In addition to solar panels, Lightyear also focuses on battery power, cooling system power consumption, as well as in-wheel motors and SEV software. Determine the performance of this test in zone 441.

Special Range:

Lightyear One follows the laws of physics rather than conventions and makes full use of July each year. With a fully charged battery, the cruising range of Lightyear One in the WLTP driving cycle is 725 kilometers.

Go anywhere:

Lightyear One solar electric vehicle has four independent wheel motors, which can provide you with power anytime, anywhere. The motor provides the best traction control and maximum energy efficiency on all types of surfaces. This is a cruise ship specially built for long-distance travel under all conditions.

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