Ola Electric is preparing to launch its first ola electric scooter in India soon and is expected to announce the price of its first product soon. Competitors such as 450X from Ather Energy.

Ola electric Scooter specifications:

  • The electric motor produces 50 Nm of torque.
  • Ola Scooter has disc brakes on the front and rear.
  • The empty weight of the scooter is 74 kg.
  • Ola Scooter has tubeless tires and alloy wheels.

A video from Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal shows that the next electric scooter is being tested on the road.

Before the highly anticipated Ola Electric launched its first electric scooter, CEO Bhavish Aggarwal talked about its appearance and function on the road.

In a tweet posted with the video, the CEO of Ola Electric stated that the electric scooter “060 is faster than you can read this tweet! Ready or not, the revolution is coming!”

The upcoming Ola electric scooter is expected to last about 150 kilometers on a single charge, with a top speed close to 90 kilometers per hour.

The electric scooter will include a household charger that does not need to be installed and allows customers to recharge their car. They can also be charged at home by plugging it into a regular wall socket.

In addition to providing customers with home charging solutions, Ola Electric has also made every effort to create a comprehensive electric vehicle charging network, allowing people to more easily access electric vehicle charging stations anywhere in the world.

This will include 100,000 USD recharge points in 400 cities. In the first year, Ola will install more than 5,000 charging points in 100 cities in India.

Ola claims that these fast charging solutions will charge 50% of Ola’s electric scooters in just 18 minutes and provide a range of 75 kilometers.

Ola Electric will also provide its customers with the ability to connect smartphones to their scooters to use the Ola Electric app to track their charging status in real time, which will also enable them to pay for the service.

The launch of electric scooters is in line with Ola’s global vision to bring mobility into a more sustainable, convenient and connected future.

The company has invested Rs 24,000 crore in the world’s largest two-round electric car deal, which is about to be implemented. Soon to Tamil Nadu.

SpecificationOla Electric Scooter
Cruising Range 80 km/Charge
Battery capacity  1155 Watts
Motor power  6000 W
Motor type   AC brushless motor
Brake          Double Disc
Tire type      Tubeless Tire

We expect the cost of Ola’s electric scooters to be approximately 100,000.

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