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Piaggio One Electric Scooter Specs Reveal 100 Km Range

Piaggio One Electric Scooter, Piaggio One Electric Scooter specs, Piaggio One Electric Scooter Price

Piaggio unveiled its latest electric scooter, the Piaggio One electric scooter, at the Beijing Motor Show last month.

For youngsters to emphasize this electric scooter, Piaggio took the tik tok to cover the launch event live.

Now the features and other details of the scooter have come to the fore.

  • Features keyless operation, USB charging, LED lighting, and two ride modes
  • Battery-pack can be charged using a traditional 5-amp socket
  • Platform for use in future electric mopeds and motorcycles

In May 2021, Piaggio unveiled the Piaggio one Electric Scooter.

The company has revealed the details about the variants and features of the scooter.

There will be three types of scooters on offer – one, one + and one active.

From what we collect, all three variants have the same design and get the same features but the battery and motor are different.

The Piaggio One electric scooter varies with a 48-volt, 1.8-kW battery and a 1.2 kW motor.

That propels the scooter at a speed of 45 km per hour and produces 85 Nm of torque. Its range is 55 km on a single charge.

Piaggio One electric scooter styling and features

Like most electric scooters, the Piaggio One electric scooter feature list is extensive.

With keyless operation, USB charging, two ride modes and LED lighting on offer.

The interface between the scooter and the rider is a full-digital color instrument cluster.

Piaggio One electric scooter comes in a trendy package, mainly targeting young audiences.

It offers a range of monotone and dual-tone color options.

Although it takes many styling bits from Vespa, Aprilia and Piaggio scooters, it still gets a different identity.

Some of the key features include the sleek vertical position dual headlamps, single piece seat, sporty side panels.

Inspired by its Vespa siblings, this one has a single-sided trailing-link front suspension.

On the rear side, the double-sided and rather beautiful swingarm is suspended on double shock absorbers, with the power to stop from disc brakes at both ends.

The Piaggio One is designed to ensure a comfortable ride for both riders and pilots.

The scooter has a spacious footwell and the undersite compartment has plenty of storage space.

Piaggio One electric scooters trims and specs

Piaggio One electric scooter
Image Credit: India Car News

The base model Piaggio One electric scooter will be equipped with a 1.8kWh battery pack that will send power to the 1.2kW motor.

The range is 55 km and the maximum speed is 45 km per hour.

The good news is that batteries can be charged in scooters or remotely using a traditional 5-amp socket.

Surprisingly, there is no data yet on charging, but it is reasonable to expect that a faster-charging option will also be offered.

The Piaggio One e scooter uses a single sided trailing link front suspension.

The double sided swingarm in the rear unit is connected to twin shock absorbers. The scooter has disc brakes at both ends.


Top Speed45 km/h
Range55 Single Charge
Charge time6 Hours
Battery capacity1.8kWh, 48V, 29Ah
Motor power1.2 kWh
Peak Torque85 Nm
Piaggio One Specification


The Piaggio One e scooter is light maintenance. Electric vehicles are much more complex than conventional vehicles.

You will soon realize that this factor makes your life even easier. For details about the car maintenance

Piaggio’s future plan

At the moment it may be a single electric scooter, but Piaggio says the Electric One platform will eventually grow.

to accommodate everything from electric mopeds to electric motorcycles.

All models are expected to feature swappable battery packs and motor output levels may vary.

Considering the urban applications of this particular scooter, we probably expect a sub-10kW power output, maybe less than 5kW.

As far as India is concerned, one is very unlikely to appear in a showroom here.

When it was unveiled at the Vespa Electrica Auto Expo, Diego Graffi, Piaggio’s head of operations.

In India mentioned that some different Piaggio electric scooters would soon be on our way.

but we doubt it will come under the Piaggio badge. So, we see an Aprilia or Vespa electric scooter hitting our road sometime in the distant future, but we’re sure it’s on its way.

Piaggio One electric scooters price

In UK the price of Piaggio One e scooters is £2,500.

Long-distance versions and high-specific trims of e-scooters will rise from that price point. And with the full price range, full tech specs will be released soon.

Shutting Thoughts

There will be several versions of the Piaggio One electric scooter available that offer in different power and different ranges.

all powered by electric motors whose lithium-ion batteries can be removed and recharged at home or in the office.

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