Raft Motors Pvt Ltd., founded in March 2017, is headquartered in Palghar, Mumbai. An ISO 90012015 certified company is gradually developing into one of the leading raft electric scooters brands in India.

Raft Motors has become a leader in the electric scooter industry by providing affordable, smart, innovative, stylish, comfortable, and energy-saving electric scooters, and setting a benchmark for green technology for future generations.

Raft Electric scooters:

  • India’s number one electric scooters
  • ARAI and iCAT approved
  • RAFT LiFePO4 battery 100,000 kilometers or three-year warranty

The two founders, Parives Shukla and Rakesh Salve are young and energetic entrepreneurs who strive to provide quality services to their customers. The duo recently won the 2021 Times Leading Idol Award.

The TOI award from Raft Motors proves that the company has been pursuing “significant growth in the field of electronic two-wheelers.”

The company initially only produced very small electric vehicle products, but later expanded its capacity to mass-produce electric bicycles and motorcycles using LiFePO4 batteries, which provide 1 Lac KM 3 years warranty and accessories.

In order to obtain an additional extended warranty, the company also provides a 2-year extended warranty at a very low price.

Raft Motors offers a variety of high-quality electric scooters that are affordable, comfortable, stylish, easy to use, and most importantly, environmentally friendly. They provide you with proven, first-class, waterproof, and pollution-free vehicles.

Specifications of Raft Electric Scooters:

Top speed40 km/h
Motor voltage60V
Battery typeLiFePO4
Battery capacity36 Ah
Charging capacity10 Ampere
Charging time23 hours
Endurance range (STC)100
5 Maximum lifting Kilometer height load capacity150 kg
Battery guarantee100,000 kilometers/3 years
Battery charge guarantee12 + 6 months
Motor control guarantee1 year
Motor type BLDC

The Raft Motors currently offers six models of:

raft windy
Raft Windy
  • Raft Warrior
  • Raft Soldier
  • Raft Teesta
  • Raft Indus
  • Raft Windy
  • Raft Nubra
  • Raft Jispa

Raft Indrajeet is the first high-speed electric motorcycle to be launched in this market segment and is expected to be available at the end of July 2021.

Features of Raft Electric Scooters:

raft soldier
Raft Soldier

• Keyless start
• DRL headlight
• Alarm
• Digital display
• Remote lock
• Automatic charger shutdown
• Display number
• Regenerative braking system
• Portable battery

Of course, Raft Motors provides smart, safe, and innovative charging stations for your vehicles. His goal is to build 150,000 cheap and environmentally friendly charging stations across the country.

If you want to invest in a charging station, you only have to pay Rs. 5000 / In the form of a one-time payment, no additional labor costs, and fully automated. These charging stations can charge any vehicle on the market. They can be two rounds, three rounds, or even four rounds, and these sites will be available 24/7.

We are proud to provide customers with raft electric vehicle civilization with reasonable prices, flexible and suitable products, and environmental protection services. We are proud to announce that we have become the largest electric vehicle company in India.

We focus on quality and strategic methods to provide innovative and high-quality products that will definitely add value to our customer base. Through our current and future projects, our goal is to become a leader in the electric vehicle industry by 2025 and develop business in all regions of the country.

Education, mutual Understand and create new jobs in this field. Parivesh Shukla, the founder of Raft Motors, said: “Our goal is not only to develop our company but also to develop the Indian economy and India’s electric vehicle industry with raft electric scooters“.

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