Revos BOLT Charger India’s largest peer-to-peer charging network covering over 60 cities.

REVOS is an intelligent mobile platform that enables all two- and three-wheeled vehicles to use AI-integrated IoT solutions to make them smart, secure, and connected.

We recently made a breakthrough in the world’s first peer-to-peer charging network, starting in India.

REVOS is building the largest network of state-of-the-art equipment and its operating platform to enable the adoption of electric vehicles in emerging markets.

  • Website: Revos
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Company Size: 1150 Employees
  • Headquarters: Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Type: Private Organization
  • Established: 2017
  • Specialized Industry: Connected Bikes, Software, IOT stack, app development, Electric bike, electric charger, electric car charger, electric car, smart speedometer, Android, iOS, platform, energy volume, portability and general mobility

How to Locate Nearest Bolt Charger:

how to locate bolt charger

A patented control and monitoring system that can be configured and easily integrated into your vehicles make them smart and connected.

  • BLE / SIM / GPS / CAN hardware:
    monitors, monitors and controls the engine controller, battery management system, or electric fuel injectors.
  • Bike Companion Mobile App:
    Power on your bike with connected features like bike locator, diagnostics, smart alerts and an anti-theft lock.
  • Scalable Cloud Infrastructure:
    Tracks and converts massive amounts of vehicle data into actionable information in real time.
  • Control Panel and Applications:
    Streamlined work between customers, OEMs, distributors and suppliers.

To buy a charger:

1) Go to the profile section and click on the “Buy a charger” option.

2) Select the quantity, enter the shipping address details and place the order. Pay with any UPI app for ordered Revos BOLT charger.


revos bolt charger

Introduction: This consumer guide will assist you to recognize the advantages of REVOS BOLT.

1) Open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone. Select the BOLT app.
2) Click the install button.
3) Open the BOLT app after installation is complete

4) Sign in to the app using one of the three suggested options:

5) Allow the option to use location in the app for Bolt navigation and direction. This permission ensures the normal operation of the BOLT application.

6) After completing the setup, the main screen of the BOLT app should look like this.

Connect to BOLT:

Owner end: Add the bootloader to the “my charger” list in the profile section.

1) Click the profile icon, including the options listed below

  • Booking history
  • Earnings
  • My charger
  • Buy a charger


3) Click the “+” button to add payment details.

4) After adding your payment details, go to “MY CHARGER” and add your charger details. Then allow taking photos and videos for the app to work properly.

5) Scan the QR code of the control panel.

6) After successfully scanning the QR code, install the place for the charger.

7) Use the location pointer to set the download location where the device was installed.

8) Enter charger details such as price, billing invoice, station name, contact number, address and owner name. Basically 3 types: paid public, free public, and private. Here people can access the charger by paying for it.

9) The second option is publicly available for free, here the public can get free access, the third option is Private, here only the owner can use it, it is also not displayed on the map.

10) In the section “My chargers” a list of all chargers you have will appear. Charger Details Shows detailed information such as unit price, base charge, hourly rate, and more.

Here the owner can edit the details and change the position.

Click My Income to check your total income and energy consumption. “Synchronize Backup Data” helps owners to easily synchronize previous data.

Benefits for owners of revos BOLT:

revos bolt charger

Smart and connected:
Enjoy connected features like navigation alerts and notifications on your bike without ever touching your phone!

Safety & Security:
Stay Safe with Collision Detection, Emergency SOS, Built-in Anti-theft Lock, and Motorcycle Tracking

Easy Troubleshooting:
Remote diagnostics and preventive maintenance make troubleshooting easier than ever.

Say goodbye to autonomy concerns:
Say goodbye to autonomy concerns with our popular toll stations.


Revos bolt charger

Download the app from the Play Store, open the app, and register using the specified options.


1) Open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone and search for the BOLT app.

2) Click the install button.

3) Open the BOLT application after the installation is complete

4) Enter the application using one of the three suggested options:

5) Allow the location permission option in the Bolt Navigation & Direction app. This permission ensures the normal operation of the BOLT application.

6) After completing the setup, the main screen of the BOLT app should look like this.

7) The boot screen should look like this.

8) Select any bootloader near you by clicking on it and then you can navigate to that location by clicking the go button.

4) Upon arrival, scan the QR code on the dashboard to connect.

5) then set the charging time and the amount will be calculated based on this. Then click “Pay before collection” to pay.

6) Choose any payment method to go to the payment gateway.

7) After completing the payment, charging will start, and when the charging time has elapsed, the charger will turn off.

After successful payment and when the user clicks “Start Charging”, the LED turns green and the user can charge. If users have problems using BOLT, they can contact the respective owners.

Here we are able to see the strength dispensed. If the person desires to forestall charging for a few times, it’s miles viable to renew after clicking ‘forestall charging’. If the person needs to stop the charging, he/she will be able to click on the ‘End Booking’ and stop the process.

Customers can track their booking history in the Bookings History tab.

Revos BOLT Charger is beneficial as it is a Smart WIFI Charger for Electric vehicles such as 2Wheeler Electric Vehicle and 3Wheeler Electric Vehicle.

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