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Simple Energy Mark 2 Electric Scooter to launch in August 2021

Simple Energy Mark 2 Electric Scooter
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Simple Energy, Simple Energy Mark 2, Electric scooter

Simple Energy is ready to enter the Indian electric car market. Yes, an electric car startup based in Bangalore recently announced that it will launch its first electric scooter in India on August 15, 2021, which is believed to be called the Simple Energy Mark 2 in the first half of 2021.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and other restrictions, the plan had to be postponed. The price of Simple Energy Mark 2 is expected to compete with other electric scooters in India, such as Bajaj Chetak and Ather 450X, with prices ranging from 100,000 to 120,000.

About Simple Energy

India is the world’s largest two-wheeler market, so it can be assumed that the electrification of this segment will significantly increase the country’s ambitions for electric vehicles. Local trains that do not exceed 25 km/h are sold here, and most of them come from China. On the other hand, the price of electric scooters that have proven to be competitive is a bit overestimated. In the scene, the scope is still an issue.

We heard from a new startup called Simple Energy that it claims to have solved all these problems: coverage, price, convenience, and lack of Chinese participation. Simple Energy was founded in January 2019 and is headquartered in Bangalore.

79-85% of basic electric scooters are domestically produced, and lithium-ion batteries are imported from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. The core consists of hands that have worked with Ather Energy, Ultraviolette Automotive, and Tork Motors. Learn about his ambitions and commitment to deliver with Suhas Rajkumar, founder of Simple Energy.

The Concept

When describing his business approach, Suhas explained that he only focused on buyers’ demand for scooters, and emphasized that the scooter house is a very price-sensitive market segment that can offset the price difference of thousands of decisions. The scooter needs to last for a long time on a single charge, convenient to charge, and the initial cost should not be too high.

For example, Suhas stated that a traditional scooter like the Honda Activa costs 95-98,000 rupees and has a range of 250 kilometers. He added that the cost of Simple Mark 2 will not exceed 110,000. Even more than the ICE scooter, but the fuel cost of the three-year vehicle is mainly 50,000 rupees, while the electricity bill of the simple scooter only costs 4,000 rupees.

Simple Energy Mark 2 Design and Specifications

Simple Energy, an electric car startup based in Bangalore, will launch its flagship electric scooter code-named Mark 2 in India on August 15, 2021, with a price of between 11 and 120,000 rupees (ex-showroom).

The production specifications of the Mark 2 are based on the Mark 1 prototype launched last year. The Mark 2 electric scooter is powered by a mid-engine, with a removable 4.8 kWh lithium-ion battery.

Other features of this product are a mid-mounted engine, removable battery, and futuristic design. Just like an advanced electric scooter, it will be equipped with smart features such as a large touch screen, integrated navigation, and Bluetooth connectivity. among them.

Mark 2 is developed entirely using the French technology-Dassault Systèmes development platform. Although the company has not announced an exact release date, it is expected that this electric scooter will be put into production in June 2021 and delivered in late September.

Now is the interesting part: Simple Energy claims that the Mark 2 has a range of 150 miles in Eco mode. Announcing that the top speed is 100 km/h, it only takes 3.6 seconds for the electric scooter to accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h.

The electric scooter Mark 2 looks very sporty and is equipped with pure LED lighting. The dashboard is a 7-inch touch screen with 4G connectivity.

About the delay in Launch Simple Energy

In view of the current supply chain disruption in the automotive industry due to semiconductor shortages, many original equipment manufacturers have delayed product plans or faced long waiting times for vehicle delivery. The company has a preliminary market launch and sales plan agreement with its suppliers; in fact, it was revealed that the company’s flagship scooter is available in three colors and has tire pressure monitoring.

When asked whether the company is willing to replace the battery, Rajkumar replied that although the electric scooter will be equipped with a removable battery, there is no plan to provide a battery replacement because this may affect the performance of the scooter. “Because everyone’s driving style is different, the purpose of the battery will be different. Over time, replacing the battery will gradually damage the battery. We strive to bring you a personalized electric scooter experience.

He showed that the call and specification of the e-scooter could be discovered someplace round, with the tentative release in August. The start-up claims that the e-scooter can have the ‘biggest boot area that the Indian EV enterprise has ever visible because the e-scooter is constructed in India from the scratch.’

Simple Energy plans to launch in five cities, first in Bangalore and then in four other cities: Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

The Vision Mark 2

Simple Energy’s goal is to have a production capacity of 50,000 vehicles by the end of July 2021. The startup will create competence centers, work with distributors, and provide scooters (Amazon and Flipkart) online, targeting students and interns in the IT office.

After Simple Mark 2, a small city scooter model suitable for level 2 and level 3 will be on the market, but its feature list is not very detailed. bicycle. bullet. Sell ​​cars over time.

Suhas’s ideology for the goal of automobile electrification is very realistic. He believes that China’s low-cost, low-speed electric scooters, rather than promoting the popularization of electric vehicles, are actually undermining consumers’ attitudes towards scooters. Poor quality and convenient. “Simple Energy products will have both good prices and features,” he added.

Suhas Rajkumar, founder, and CEO, Simple Energy said: “We agree with the product ought to be the important thing for human beings to transit from a regular scooter to EV than constructing big factories this is something so as to follow. Customers want a product this is modern in all feel and on the equal time cost for cash that’s our priority. The call Mark 2 got here ultimately after the prototype became known as Mark 1. The very last call of the product will be different.”

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