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Tata Nexon EV New Features Updates Jun 2021

Tata Motors has made some minor changes to the specifications of the country’s best-selling electric vehicle Tata Nexon EV. This update follows similar changes to the standard Nexon, and EV shares its internals and most of its structure with Nexon.

A significant change in the interior is that the 7.0-inch touch screen loses the physical control under the vent and switches to the touch screen interface.

·      Tata’s Nexon EV is the maximum promoting electric powered passenger car withinside the country.

·      With the brand-new update, the Nexon EV receives a cleaner-searching dashboard.

·      The Nexon EV now comes with new a fixed of alloy wheels with a dual-tone, five-spoke design.

This part now only bears the word Nexon, and the rest of the cabin remains basically unchanged. You will get the same glossy black panel with blue accents and a cream interior.

Notable features include sunroofs, automotive ZConnect technology, air conditioning, semi-digital instrument clusters, and LED lighting.

Nexon EV also updated a new set of alloy wheels. They are the same size as the 215/60 R16, but with a two-tone five-spoke design.

The rest of the appearance remains unchanged, with three two-tone options to choose from-blue. EV accents and badges. Nexon EV also has an empty front grille instead of the standard Nexon honeycomb structure.

What’s new in Tata Nexon EV?

Image Credit: TATA MOTORS

 The only change in the cabin is the removal of the physical buttons and knobs that control the various functions of the 7-inch infotainment screen.

 There used to be six buttons and two knobs under the air outlet of the air conditioner, but now it has been replaced by a panel with chrome letters written “Nexon“.

 The six buttons located under the ventilation slots on the dashboard control the homepage, favorites, previous, next, smartphone and backup functions, while the knob controls the volume of the radio tuner.

 These functions are now integrated into the touch screen itself.

Although removing the controls makes the dashboard look clearer, it eliminates the ease of use of physical buttons.

 It can also reduce safety because drivers must do so now. Take your eyes off the road and make changes to the infotainment system.

Another Nexon EV update was carried out abroad. You now have a new set of two-color alloy wheels, 5. Compared with the previous eight-spoke design, the tire size is expected to be the same as before, 215/60 R16.

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Motor (type) Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Motor power (PS) 129 *
Motor torque (Nm) 245 Nm
Driving mode Multiple driving modes (driving and sports)
Battery 30.High energy density lithium ion battery 2 kW
Thermal management system Liquid cooling
Motor and battery Protection IP 67
Acceleration (0.100 km/h per second) 9 **
Gradeability (%) 3.4%
Emissions Zero exhaust emissions

Main Features of Tata Nexon EV

  1. Power Steering
  2. Electric Front Window
  3. Anti-lock Braking System
  4. Air Conditioning
  5. Driver Airbag
  6. Front Passenger Airbag
  7. Hub Cover
  8. Climate Control Automatic
  9. Fog Light

Should you buy Tata Nexon EV?


Image Credit: TATA MOTORS

The recently launched Nexon is India’s cheapest long-range electric car. The biggest limitation of electric vehicles is their cruising range. Nexon can travel 312 kilometers without charging. But this is an ARAI classification number. According to experts, from 180 to 220 kilometers. This is because electric vehicles are very efficient at low speeds and consume a lot of energy at high speeds. The range varies depending on how and where you drive. Add a hundred torques in sports mode, which can quickly eat up the range.

Who should buy it?

Financially, Nexon EV is a difficult choice. If your state offers a grant of Rs 1.5 million in Delhi, the return on investment will be faster.

Otherwise, unless the price of oil rises, interest will not save you money immediately. Odisha has not announced any subsidies for electric vehicles.

However, if you often drive through the city in traffic jams, then electric cars make sense. This is where the regenerative braking effect is best, and it is also where the electric vehicle exerts the greatest efficiency.

Compared with internal combustion engines, they do not consume any power when idling. When your AC power supply is turned on, it only consumes the power required by the AC power supply.

Pros and cons:

Nexon EV is a meaningful package. This is an SUV that combines fresh and refreshing design with performance. When you want it, it is always exhilarating and exciting.


• Smooth and quiet driving

 • Slim and elegant design

• Multiple functions

• Reliable safety package

 • Long battery life

 • Comfortable and spacious cab


• Limited cruising range when driving on highways

 • More expensive than gasoline/diesel Nexon

 • Fast charging network is unreliable in Tata Nexon EV 2021

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