An electric scooter startup called Vega in Sri Lanka recently unveiled its next Vega ETX Electric Rickshaw called ETX.

The first two letters of the abbreviation stand for an electric tricycle, and the meaning of the letter X is still unknown.

At the moment the trailer is in beta testing and, unfortunately, not many details are attached.

In a brief announcement launched on their social media handle, Vega has stated that the ETX platform is an electric-powered city mobility answer for the future.
It is a next-era electric-powered three-wheeler designed for safe, environmentally friendly, and reasonably-priced city mobility.
The automobile has been furnished bags area further to the area for popular passengers with the intention to shipping goods.

South Asia Rickshaw or Tuk-Tuk Market:

Three-wheeler auto-rickshaw, normally called Tuk Tuks in India and few different Southeast Asian countries, remains the maximum outstanding shape of public transport.

In many locations in India, diesel and petrol auto-rickshaws have already began out dealing with sanctions and might quickly disappear from the car market.

The immediate solution is to switch to a CNG powertrain, but sooner or later all commercial tricycles will have to switch to electric transmissions.

Recently, a number of variants have emerged in the Indian market, which has led to an increase in the market share of electric tricycles in the country.

Detailed information about Vega ETX Electric Rickshaw:

The Vega ETX is powered by an electric motor powered by LFP battery packs for affordability.
A highlight is the addition of a solar panel roof that saves homeowners from constantly looking for charging points.

The battery can recover speeds of up to 40 miles a day with just its solar panels.

Although the panels are smaller, the nature of the business allows the panels to be charged most of the day.

It will also lead to even lower operating costs, making it a very affordable form of public transport.

The enterprise plans to introduce this automobile now no longer simply in Sri Lanka however additionally in different South Asian nations wherein Tuk Tuks shape an essential part of public commutes.

Vega plans to launch a production-spec version primarily based totally at the ETX someday subsequent year.
This also means lower running costs, making it a very affordable form of public transport.

The company plans to introduce the Rickshaw not only in Sri Lanka but also in other countries in South Asia, where tuktuk is an important part of commuting.

Vega plans to release an ETX based production specification model within the next year.

The electric tricycle market will be the equivalent of $ 30.12 billion by 2025, according to the company.

By 2027, it could reach $ 32.65 billion. Considering the number of people who ride tuktuk around the world every day, this could be even more significant.

Although those mounted at the roof of the ETX are appreciably smaller, tuk-tuks are constantly below the solar because of the character of the paintings they perform.

Even if they can only guarantee a small fraction of Aptera’s recharging capacity, this means that owners will pay less in electricity bills, perhaps much less.

Tuk-tuks also are a great deal smaller and lighter motors than passenger cars.

These are matters we can quickly verify approximately the brand new electric powered three-wheeler platform being now conceived in Sri Lanka.

Vega plans to launch the primary car primarily based totally on it in 2022. The Vega ETX Electric Rickshaw can be the invitation growing international locations that want to go into the electrification efforts effectively.

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