Top Electric Vehicle Spare Parts Manufacturers in India

Vital components utilized in Electric Vehicles

– Battery System for Electric Motors – High-Efficiency Control Circuit – Dedicated Charger – High-Performance In-Wheel Motor

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Electric Vehicle is Mainly Composed

– Motor – Controller – Battery – B. M. S.

These are the heart additives of an electric-powered automobile and are precious too. Now other components like sensors, lights, display panel, chases, suspension, forks, brake lever, grip, throttle (throttle), wheels, tires, etc. are also important but take precedence below the heart components. Because in case you come across any trouble withinside the middle components of an electric-powered car you may genuinely want a professional and well-skilled engineer to repair that issue.

Best Electric Vehicle Spare Parts Manufacturers List

– 1. Minda Industry – 2. Amara Raja Batteries LTD – 3. GoGoA1 – 4. Greenfuel energy – 5. Okaya Battery – 6. Jayem Automotives – 7. Napino – 8. Electra EV – 9. Elecnovo – 10. Exicom Power Solution

Electric Vehicle Spare Parts Manufacturers List

– 11. Auto die-cast (India) – 12. Rizel Automotive – 13. EV Battery Solution – 14. Karacus energy – 15. Compage Automation – 16. Trontek – 17. Fiem industry – 18.  Bharat Power Solution

Minda Industry

Minda enterprise is a famed brand withinside the Indian automobile spare component market. This organization doesn’t construct and middle additives for electric-powered vehicles however it builds different components like lights, switches, sensors, brakes, and different parts. Recently released Bajaj Chetak, and TVS iqube electric powered scooters have used lighting fixtures and different elements which had been synthetic withinside the Minda industry. This organization is likewise indexed in NSE (countrywide inventory Exchange)

Amara Raja Batteries 

As the name indicates that is a battery production organization however not unlike different corporations noted withinside the above listing it doesn’t make batteries particularly for electrical vehicles. However, alternatively, it makes batteries for business petrol vehicles however they’re in non-stop procedure to shift their manufacturing line to make batteries for electric-powered vehicles


GoGo is a Maharashtra primarily based totally organization devoted to the production of all forms of additives required in an electric-powered automobile and additionally, they construct R.T.O. authorized package had to convert a petroleum automobile to a completely electric-powered automobile. GoGoA1 has an extensive record on this EV additives production enterprise and additionally has revel in doing commercial enterprise in overseas countries.

Greenfuel energy

This is a Haryana-primarily based totally electric powered car battery and strength educate manufacturer. They are committed to imparting the pleasant fine BMS, Motor, controller, and plenty of different middle additives utilized in electric-powered vehicles. This business enterprise is encouraged with the aid of using the “Make in India” undertaking and is have a tendency to gather all their product in India only.

Okaya Battery

Okaya is a famous battery manufacturer, this employer has appropriate revel in withinside the battery production enterprise and has risen an excellent quantity of investment and is likewise indexed in the proportion market. Lately, this enterprise is understood to fabricate batteries for inverters and plenty of different usages however Okaya holds converting its product line and now could be a competitor in the EV production market.

Electra EV

The “Electra EV” is a Pune primarily based totally organization this is committed to fabricating entire strength education for electric-powered vehicles. This organization has the know-how to gather appropriate exceptional motor and controller. Electra EV has all feasible products that can be required to the EV power train

EV Battery Solution

EV battery solution is one of the main producers of lithium batteries for electric-powered vehicles. This organization is born in yr. 2016 in Bangalore with the venture of supplying battery to any kind of electric-powered vehicle.