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Toyota C+pod, Two-Seater EV

– Toyota C+pod is now available for individual customers in Japan and can hit a max speed of 60 kmph while going 150 kms under ideal conditions before needing a recharge.

It isn't all about space, comfort, range and style when it comes to electric vehicles. At times, it is about sheer practicality in a world fast embracing clean mobility options.

Toyota C+pod

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A two-seater mobility option that is even smaller than a mini vehicle, the C+pod is entirely powered by battery. Available in multiple dual and three-tone colour options

the C+pod gets power from a 9.06 kWh lithium ion battery and has a cruising range of around 150 kms under ideal conditions. The max speed is at 60 kmph.

The C+pod has an internal cabin width of 1,100 mm and Toyota claims that there is enough space for a driver and one passenger to sit comfortably next to each other.

Toyota C+pod Cabin

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Safety highlights of Toyota C+pod

Toyota says that the C+pod uses a structure that efficiently disperses and absorbs impact energy across multiple components, and ensures safety in the event of frontal, side or rear impacts. A pre-collision Safety System is included as standard to detect other vehicles.

Toyota claims that the C+pod can be charged to full in around five hours when using a 200V/16A outlet while this goes up to around 16 hours if using 200V/6A outlet.

Toyota C+pod charging time

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