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Yamaha Sniper 155 now available in markets of the Philippines

Yamaha just launched Sniper 155 in the Philippines and other markets. The starting price of a moped is 1.14,900 Philippine pesos, which is equivalent to 1.74 lakhs.

Although the introduction to the Indian market seems suspicious, we have provided you with a full version. More information about Yamaha Sniper 155.

Yamaha Sniper 155: Will It Ever Come To The Indian Market?

In the Philippines, the price of Yamaha Sniper 155 2021 ranges from 114,900 Polish zloty to 120,900 Polish zloty (175 to 1.848 million Indian rupees), and may be offered at a similar price when released here. Not many people are willing to pay for mopeds.

If Yamaha cancels some functions such as VVA and slip/assistance clutch, the price may be reduced to a more competitive level, but it will still be a niche product in India.

About Yamaha Sniper 155 scooter launch:

Yamaha moped sniper
Image Credit: Rushlane

Japanese car manufacturer Yamaha launched the Sniper 155 sports scooter in the Philippines, as well as a 155R version.

As a highlight, this two-wheeler has an appearance inspired by YZFR1, and is equipped with a negative LCD instrument panel and full LED backlight. Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled 155cc engine.

Yamaha Sniper 155 is sold in the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and other markets

Yamaha Sniper 155 (also known as Exciter, Jupiter MX, and Y16R) is a sporty moped that is very popular in Southeast Asia. In the latest version that debuted in December 2020, the car is powered by the same 155 cc engine.

The design of Yamaha Sniper 2021 is inspired by the YZFR1 upgraded superbike. The moped has a sports front apron with LED composite headlights.

It also has an integrated seat with a smooth rear end and LED taillights. It also has an all-digital LCD instrument panel and a centrally located foot pedal to achieve a sporty driving posture.

The Sniper 155 is powered by a 155 cc single-cylinder engine. A liquid-cooled CM with a maximum power of 17.9 horsepower. The maximum torque is 14.4 Nm. Like R15, but the engine is not suitable for mopeds.

The transmission task is performed by a sequential 6-speed manual transmission, which is equipped with an additional slip clutch as standard. The moped is located on a lower chassis and is equipped with traditional telescopic forks on the front and rear suspensions with single spring struts.

Although the Southeast Asian market has a high demand for sports mopeds, the Indian market does not have this segment. In fact, there are not many mopeds in India, and the only main products are TVS XL and other electric scooters. Therefore, the chance of Yamaha launching Sniper 155 in India is slim.

Features of  Yamaha sniper 155 are as follows:

  • Front apron with pressure gauge
  • Integrated step stool
  • Upward-sloping exhaust pipe
  • Smart key system
  • 12 V socket
  • Mounted on the designer wheel

Yamaha sniper 155 available in following shades:

  • Yellow Hornet,
  • Racing Blue,
  • Matte Titan
  • Black Crow.

Yamaha sniper 155 is powered by a 155ccm 18HP engine

Costly yamaha moped
Image Credit: Timesnownews
  • The Yamaha Sniper 155 is powered by a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 155 cm³.
  • The maximum power produced by the mill is 17.9 horsepower.
  • Maximum torque at 9500 rpm and 14.4 Nm at 8000 rpm.

Safety: Disc brakes on two wheels

For the safety of the rider, the Yamaha Sniper 155 front and rear wheels are equipped with disc brakes; however, there does not seem to be any ABS that can provide better grip. It is taken care of by a telescopic fork at the front and a single shock absorber at the rear.

Price and Availability

In the Philippines, the Yamaha Sniper 155 is priced at 155 PLP 1.14.900 (approximately 17.4 million), and the 155R variant is priced at 1.20.900 PLP (approximately 1.83 lakhs). Introduced to India.

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